• Reflect on your Catholic expereince

    To prepare for participation in the worldwide Synod in our parish, ponder how you have experienced “journeying together” in our parish or Catholic community.  What joys, obstacles, or insights did you receive from this journey? As you reflect, consider where you are hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit. What is the Spirit asking of us as a Church? What paths are opening?

  • Pope Francis invites everyone to participate in a synod

    Everyone who cares about the Church is encouraged to participate in the     Synod. Pope Francis wants to hear from those who feel marginalized or hurt by their Catholic experience, as well as from those who have found joy and mercy in the Church. 
    During the synodal session in early 2022 we will listen to each other and invite the Holy Spirit to open our hearts to feel the love, joy and pain of those whose experience is different from our own.  Catholics throughout the world will be discerning the same questions.

  • The central question

    The central question for our synodal sessions is: How do we, as sisters and brothers in Christ, journey together in our parish, diocese or other Catholic community?  What steps is the Holy Spirit inviting us to take so that we can grow together?  Everyone is invited to share what the Holy Spirit has laid on their hearts at synodal sessions throughout the Diocese of Pittsburgh in early 2022.  Catholics throughout the world will be discerning the same questions.

  • Pope Francis invites you to participate

    Pope Francis is calling all Catholics to participate in a “Synod on Synodality” to discern how the Church should continue the mission that Jesus gave to the People of God. Synodal sessions will be held throughout the Diocese of Pittsburgh in early 2022. “Synod” means “journeying together”. Rather than debate policy, we will listen to the Holy Spirit, share what is on our hearts, and most importantly, listen to each other.